Aaqib Usman

At the unique intersection of film, technology, and entrepreneurship, Aaqib is seeking to bring cutting edge immersive projects to life.

With a background in Cinema Arts & Sciences from Chicago’s Columbia College, Aaqib has worked on some of the world’s largest films and commercials in both Hollywood and Bollywood.

As VP of Production at Georama, the first real-time virtual travel platform, Aaqib has been an indispensable asset in shaping the company's technology and strategy. In his current role as founder of Midwest Immersive, Aaqib has become an active leader in the Immersive Reality community in the Midwest. 


2017, 2112 Immersive Tech Summit, Speaker: State of the VR Industry in 2017

2017, VOYAGER, Installation Artist: Interactive Cave

2016, DX Collective Conference, Invited Panelist: AR & VR from the Producers

2016, Chicago International Movies & Music Festival, Invited Panelist: Trends in Virtual Reality Storytelling